Blog 1

Maggie Fry


Throughout the semester we have been immersed into the world of style and design, learning how to navigate an abundance of platforms. Creative Cloud, Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom and InDesign are all platforms that I was able to take lessons with and practice hands on with the many tools offered. I have always been drawn to social media and hope to work in the field after I graduate college. Because of this I was especially interested in our lessons with Lightroom and Creative Cloud Express.




With Lightroom we watched multiple tutorials and gained a better understanding of how to mess around with the light and colors of your photos. I specifically learned how to adjust the lighting, set the white balance and change the saturation to give an image an entirely new look.


A few examples of images I edited with Lightroom include:





            The skill that I gained however that I found most useful was the healing brush. The concept of removing unwanted aspects of an image is a game changer in the way it can transform any photo you want into something better. I know I personally have taken countless photos in my life where I had wished something in the background was not there because of its appearance or due to it being a distraction. Learning how to use the healing brush tool has now allowed me to gain a skill that can forever fix this problem.


 I was led step by step through an adobe tutorial that let me practice on my own photo, removing ugly dents in the wall and paint.


How to edit part of a photo | Adobe Photoshop Lightroom tutorials







            The last new skill I have learned that I have found very useful and applicable to my future career is the app Creative Cloud Express. Since I want to work with social media, I will need to have a greater understanding of how to create posts and stories through templates or by starting from scratch. This app allowed me to play around with the idea of creating a story using different color palettes, gifs, images, and text. We used a coffee chat meeting through CLA as our example and I was able to create 2 images that could be used on social media.


            Using this app and better understanding how to use all the tools offered will give me a head start when hoping to work in the world of social media in the future.





            I have gained a lot of great new skills throughout this course but felt most confident when working with Lightroom and Creative Cloud Express as I felt that the tools I was learning about were most relevant to my interests and career goals. I hope to learn more skills in this realm of style and design throughout the rest of the semester!